About Us

Why Gravel?

From secondary roads to dirt paths and trails, the Gravel bike opens up many possibilities when it comes to getting to know a territory and reach more remote places than the conventional road. The Gravel bike is the perfect tool for a multiday adventure.

Why Cafe?

A good Coffee gives us the calm and bright tempo to live appreciating the present moment. Coffee’s culture describes pretty well the tempo with what we want to enjoy our journey, appreciating each place, each path and each pedal.

Who we are?

We have always wanted to find the perfect path, but it simply does not exist, as we ride through new places, we discover incredible routes that we would not have imagined, so the search becomes endless. Rolling through fireroads, trails, singletracks, secondary roads has made us made known many places. After several years of doing and searching for routes, participating in events both in participation and in the organization, we decided to put what we knew in the form of adventure routes and share it, we understand our routes from the tireless search for adventure, respect for its territory, fun, knowledge and not leaving alternatives to explore. Many roads can lead to the same place, but they are all different.

Gravel Cafe was created before we knew it, riding a bike and discovering new places arose naturally. This enthusiasm led us very quickly to realize that it was the perfect sum to be able to offer those kinds of trips that we would like to be taken, but that we did not find anything like it. After many kilometers, explorations and search for the most authentic, Gravel Cafe it’s been materialized.

Marc Planesas

From a very young age I remember my desire to always go further with my bicycle, first a BMX, then an MTB and later I saw myself competing on Road, Mtb, Enduro and DH.

For my great desire to meet people and travel, I studied a University Diploma in Tourism, as well as holding a ski, snowboard and mountain guide instructor. Without a doubt I knew that my professional life had to be linked to my passions and this led me to work and travel to all the continents of the world, practicing my favorite hobbies.

From all my personal and professional experiences and the desire to express and share all this baggage, I am here, in the place I wanted to be able to continue exploring, knowing places and wonderful people, and especially in the way that I like the most nowadays, on a gravel bicycle.

Marc Cerdan

I am an industrial designer by formation and an inventor by vocation. I enjoy exploring problems to discover solutions.

In the same way, I have always understood the bicycle as a tool to explore and discover. 

In October of 2015 I had my first gravel experience, I took a borrowed Ritchey SwissCross and I crossed the island of Taiwan from East to West. Since then, it has been my one and only bicycle, for everything.

Gravel Cafe is the result of this vital need to explore and discover the territory and the polyvalence of gravel bikes, which has allowed us to create these unique outstanding gravel adventures that today we can share with you.

You can know more about me at www.marccerdan.com