The Best of Girona in 2 Days

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It seems that Girona was designed to ride a bike, its mild climate, the harmony of its landscapes, its variety of routes and roads, its rich cycling culture, … This is a great place to enjoy 2 days of Gravel, the possibilities offered are enormous thanks to its precise location where valleys, plains, mountains, rivers are within immediate reach from Girona. To all this we must add the beauty and the magnificent state of the small charming towns that we are discovering as we ride our gravel bikes.

Two days discovering the gravel in the safest and funniest way, starting by learning the basic principles and continuing to put them into practice with 2 days of pedaling in a privileged environment. At all times we will be accompanied by our guide, as well as an assistance van.

Girona is a cycling paradise, we have several routes depending on your level and skills, so that the progression is smooth and your only commission is to enjoy riding a bike. But for sure all of them will make you realize why Girona is so recognized by the cycling community of all levels .

The first day we will make a great initiation starting with the basics and followed by a route, for the second day we will make a route that offers us a greater challenge, which we will check with our guide to have a greater knowledge of what resources we have to prepare itineraries and how to interpret them.