A unique 7 days gravel adventure through the Costa Brava

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The Costa Brava can be lived in many ways, our bed is to live it on a gravel bicycle, since its inception from the french border, we have sought its maximum splendor and beauty. Looking for the purest landscapes through paths, roads and tracks never easy to find, to link one venue after another through our pedals.

The Costa Brava is located in the northeast of Catalonia, we go along from north to south following the coastline and the mountain ranges that are inland, offering us landscapes and dream viewpoints from both sides.

Day 1
L'Albera Natural Park

Distance: 40 km (20 mi)
Elevation: 1000 m (600 ft)

Our trip starts at Barcelona and Girona airport where our staff will be there to welcome you. We’ll transfer to our hotel in the beautiful Llança. After lunch, orientation meeting and bike build-up we’ll head out for our first ride in the Costa Brava.

Day 2
Cap de creus natural park

Distance: 40 km (20 mi)
Elevation: 1000 m (600 ft)

This first stage begins in the Cap de Creus Natural Park to take us to the heart of another natural park that is Els Aiguamolls de l'Emporda and end in a place where the Greek and Roman cultures established as settlements in this incomparable setting that is l'Emporda. This stage tastes like deserted coves that fall into the sea from cliffs, the perfect shape of a marine gulf cradle of civilizations and wetlands where migratory birds make their stop on their long journeys, we want to share and enjoy it with you. Riding through wetlands we will reach the coastline where an extraordinary situation in a mid-age town in front of the sea we'll find our accommodation.

Day 3
Montgrí Massif

Distance: 40 km (20 mi)
Elevation: 1000 m (600 ft)

The smell of the sea awakens us in this beautiful place in front of the Mediterranean and we can not start the day better than pedaling along the Gulf of Roses and its famous Empuries ruins, this route that we ride along coastal pathway, fireroads and backroads make us have a unique perspective of this incomparable place, and that it will soon go by the shadow of the Montgrí mountain with its unmistakable castle on top. After bordering this mountain on its sea side we will arrive at the confluence of one of the great rivers of the area, El Ter, where the Empordà plain appears, we will trace the course of the river Ter discovering the traditional agriculture of the area as well as ancient scenarios of the Spanish civil war, with its broad tracks and the views of the Pyrenees mountains being the backdrop.
 One of the sacred mountains of cycling in Girona, is “Els Angels” which we will climb along a beautiful track to its top, magnificent watchtower with a complete vision that will make us understand and appreciate our route, then the descent through tracks where small rural villages are happening until we reach our accommodation in a small town where the conservation of its streets and its beauty make it the most admired in this corner of the lower Empordà.

Day 4
Les Gavarres Massif

Distance: 40 km (20 mi)
Elevation: 1000 m (600 ft)

We will leave on this new day from the medieval town that saw us arrive through its cobblestone streets and capricious ways, where the law at the time of building is, do what you want but do not cover the door of your neighbor, we will continue towards another great jewel of medieval architecture following a gentle orography, where the strength of our pedaling will mark the speed of our bicycles, following tracks in perfect condition we will go in search of the sea until we find again the mountainous buttresses that are the mountainous coastal system to make us discover some dream beaches, so much so that Salvador Dalí himself made a cabin a short distance from one of the completely virgin beaches that the Costa Brava preserves. We know that it will be very difficult not to stop in some of these corners to be able to cool off with a bath in one of these small beaches, but who said that everything is about pedaling, a bath and a beer in front of the sea will make us gain strength before reaching what will be a long but pleasant ascent to the highest point of this part of the coastal mountain system, called ‘Les Gavarres’, we will find a western movie landscape with mediterranean vegetation, a fireroad followed by a singletrack will drop us above the mediterranean next to a beautiful catalan farmhouse and chapel, and down to the same coastline where after a slight descent we will be taken to our accommodation after an intense day, where a phenomenal focus is equal architectural heritage as well as natural.

Day 5
La Selva

Distance: 40 km (20 mi)
Elevation: 1000 m (600 ft)

Another day of legend, no other village on the Catalan coast retains a medieval complex of such magnitude and state of conservation just above the sea, we will leave behind this beautiful town to go inside and go in search of the maximum altitude of The Costa Brava Traverse, this itinerary will show us in the form of pine forests, cork oaks and fir trees a lively and lush vegetation, that tells us we are in “La Selva” county, its tracks in perfect condition are a delight to the time to roll and feel that we are moving on a changing terrain where a long but gentle climb awaits us, the amount of fresh water sources and hot springs are a constant, as well as an immense contrast of landscapes are happening until we reach our accommodation in the mountain of “Montseny”, with its maximum altitude of 1712 mtrs.

Day 6
Montseny Natural Park

Distance: 40 km (20 mi)
Elevation: 1000 m (600 ft)

Getting up in the heart of the Natural Park of Montseny is synonymous of good feelings and harmony, surrounded by forests that have not been touched by man and a high mountain climate, what a great breakfast. This will be our departure from the last day of The Costa Brava Traverse, we will climb to the highest peak of this mountain massif, at 1712 mtrs above sea level, having started the day before at 300 mtrs, with which we will have been able to see all the plant stages from Mediterranean forest to alpine meadows, unbeatable views over much of Catalonia, tracks and wet paths covered with leaves in autumn and winter, fast and compacted in summer, from here we will make a long descent to the other side of the mountain in a mixture of secondary roads, double-tracks and fireroads. From here another beautiful journey awaits us crossing the pre-coastal mountain system on our way to the sea, we will end up following the natural line of the hydrological basins that pour into the sea the waters collected by these two mountain systems that we have crossed today, our arrival will be all along tracks and roads until we find our feet soaking in the Mediterranean Sea, closing a perfect circle that we started 5 days ago at the north end of the Costa Brava.

Day 7

Unfortunately, our trip must come to an end. Our shuttle will take you to Girona or Barcelona Airport, arriving at approximately 9:30am.