A unique 8 days gravel adventure through the catalan pyrenees

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The Pyrenees are mountains that share three countries, France, Andorra and Spain with great wealth stands and summits above 3400 mtrs, crossing them is a pleasure for the senses thanks to their diversity, following an imaginary line to the east, we go along borders between abandoned villages, pastures, lakes, livestock, dams, rivers, mountain passes and shelters. And so, losing height as we get closer to the sea, we find the high and then the middle mountain of the Pyrenees of Girona to end up reaching the foot of the Pyrenees that join the Mediterranean Sea. We will traverse them from West to East, starting in High Pyrenees Natural Park and ends at the Natural Park Of Cap de Creus.

Day 1
High Pyrenees Natural Park

Distance: 41 km
Ascent: 1652 m
Descent: 611 m

The rivers have sculpted the valleys of the Pyrenees, and our departure is from one of the main capitals of riversports in Catalonia, since two mountain rivers come together and increases its horse considerably, on our route we will go up the river course to go finding villages and start a long climb that will take us to steps of more than 2000 mtrs, with 360º views that make us feel to be in the middle of everything. Continuing along tracks bordering the border with Andorra, we will arrive at our mountain accommodation, where an outdoor BBQ awaits us.

Day 2
Cadí Moixeró natural park

Distance: 87 km
Ascent: 2254 m
Descent: 3065 m

Sunrise between mountains and descend to the valley by bicycle will be our breakfast, to continue with a series of tracks, secondary roads, until we reach the slopes of the Cadi mountain massif, and following its buttresses we descend towards the Segre river to start drawing its silhouette in the form of roads and trails until we reach our accommodation in a medieval village in the valley of La Cerdanya next to the Segre river.

Day 3
La Cerdanya and Vall de Ribes

Distance: 63 km
Ascent: 1700 m
Descent: 1900 m

We continue undoing the course of the river by paths next to the water to start climbing a series of tracks in perfect condition and leaving this great valley of La Cerdanya, will go after mountain passes of 2000mtrs, until we begin to descend towards the Vall de Ribes touching all kinds of surfaces and making it very varied, crossing mythical mountain passes with stories of wars, contraband, mountaineering, etc , A cable-car train journey to a high valley spot will end a great day of high alpine riding.

Day 4
Ter i Freser Natural Park

Distance: 62 km
Ascent: 1500 m
Descent: 2400 m

We will leave a deep valley perched by a long track with wide views of the eastern Pyrenees, to pass to the last great valley of the Pyrenees that is losing height to the east as it approaches the Mediterranean. After having passed through a hill at 2000 mtrs, we descend until we find a beautiful secondary road that descends mostly on a mountain road and tracks with cement, having passed from the Pyrenees to an adjoining mountain range that is the Serralada Transversal only crossing a valley. and take us to sleep at one of its symbols and viewpoint of the region.

Day 5
Alta Garrotxa Natural Park

Distance: 50 km
Ascent: 2100 m
Descent: 1500 m

We return again to the foot of the mountains to follow a valley where the calcareous rock and its narrow valleys have caused a multitude of bathing areas next to the river where it is also known as climbing areas, passing through tracks in good condition To finish on more technical roads we pass to the region of l'Alt Emporda, by one of its steps that follows the line closest to the highest tracks that can be cycled, we begin to have the first clear views of the Mediterranean and descend towards its foothills passing tracks up to the foot of a historically border mountaintown.

Day 6
L'Albera Natural Park

Distance: 52 km
Ascent: 1500 m
Descent: 2000 m

We start the day on a fantastic dirt track that climbs comfortably to a hill at more than 1000mtrs high with a wide view of the flat region of l'Emporda, although we continue climbing the mountains to the east. Here we begin to see the sea on multiple occasions and getting closer, we are following the highest line of the mountains, not without having to go down to lower parts to enjoy wide and fast tracks without great slopes and surrounded by rivers, lakes and a damn.We expect a final climb that is well worth it, a great viewpoint over the Gulf of Roses, next to a castle of the S.X, now only the arrival between vineyards awaits us at our accommodation, a town with a great winemaking tradition, that we will see is very present in the entire region.

Day 7
Cap de Creus Natural Park

Distance: 45 km
Ascent: 1100 m
Descent: 1200 m

Directly towards the sea, passing through the mountain ridges that without any remedy lose their height to end immersing themselves in the waters of the Mediterranean, day of roads a little more technical, with trails and lower speeds combined with sections of tracks in good condition All this accompanied by incredible views, behind us the Pyrenees that we have enjoyed and traveled in recent days and in front of the Mediterranean Sea that awaits us upon arrival at the easternmost point of the Iberian Peninsula.

Day 8

Unfortunately, our trip must come to an end. Our shuttle will take you to Girona or Barcelona Airport, arriving at approximately 9:30am.